Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have Some Fun During Your Job Hunt

For those of you who are hunting for your next job, like I am, I can't tell you how important it is to have fun with it. If you've tracked my previous posts, this is not an easy time, but I'm definitely trying to have some fun with it and inspire others who are in the same place.

In addition to meeting new people and networking with friends and colleagues, one of the first things I did was post my old business card on I was the first Microsoft person out there--here's my card. I'd first read about Cards of Change in a WOMMA daily email, so I figured, why not? It was fun, it was a release, and I felt all the more part of a community of marketing and creative types who are in the market looking for their next opportunity.

Last week, I heard from the Cards of Change people requesting permission to use my card in book they were publishing. This week, an email saying that BBC Television is doing a short piece on Cards of Change and my card was selected to be featured (see the email below)! How fun is that?! We'll see if it happens, which brings me to my original point...have some fun with this time. Hugs your kids, spend time with your friends and family, engage with your colleagues, create new relationships, and find some kind of outlet to balance the serious stuff.

Subject: Your card on TV.

Dear Cardsofchange user,

We would like to inform you that BBC Television is doing a 2-4minute piece on Cardsofchange and that we have selected your card to be featured.

The words you chose (or the lack thereof), the design of your card, the company you were with, the industry you were in or the country you live in - these were all factors that helped us determine the long list of 10 cards that could make it on TV.

If all goes according to plan you will receive an email from the journalist in the next week or so.

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