Monday, June 15, 2009

Tracy's CV, Part 4: I'm EMP Alumni...

I was lucky enough to land a role at Experience Music Project during it's mostly wildly popular days. Somehow I KNEW I had the job thanks to the song I heard while sitting in the lobby waiting for the interview to begin. The Beatles "In My Life" was playing--it was a sign--I just knew I had the job. I nearly took myself out of the candidate pool, too--don't recall why though. Anyway, while some EMP alums wouldn't exactly consider their time there "lucky", most of my experience was good and I have a ton of great friends and colleagues to show for it.

There were a lot of changes over the years at EMP--some good, some bad, so I got to do a lot of cool things. My absolute FAVORITE project was the DISCO exhibit's display windows--think massive flattened disco ball using the same glitter/shimmer material that Sparkletts trucks use to give it dimension and movement. And The Beatles exhibit where I created flyers that were designed after my very own Beatles trading trading cards--too cool. Anyway, I learned a ton and met a lot of very cool people. Here's a bit of what I did during my tenure:


Marketing Production/Traffic Manager – External Affairs/Marketing & Promotions Department – 2001 to 2004
· Managed creative brief development for exhibits, concerts, and educational programs to capture objectives, creative vision, messaging, collateral and advertising requirements resulting in improved collaboration and more effective integrated marketing plans
· Developed and executed strategic advertising and radio media plans to drive awareness for museum attendance, public and educational programming events, and exhibits
· Collaborated with graphic design manager, freelance graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers to conceptualize and produce all advertising, collateral, and signage for all exhibits and campaigns
· Managed collateral and signage plans including direct marketing campaigns, program collateral, and OOH advertising to drive museum traffic and support organizational attendance and revenue initiatives
· Managed editorial content development and design, production, and circulation of monthly and quarterly member communications
· Leveraged vendor relationships by developing collaborative marketing partnerships to significantly reduce the creative and print production expenses
· Created and managed $1M+ budget for all advertising, radio, collateral/signage, and design for all programs


  1. Way to go--you are a networking officionado in my book. The tentacles are endless. I'll be reading. Pat B.

  2. EMP ... EMP ... hmmm... seems to ring a bell... ;)

    Yeah - ditto, I absolutely LOVED that gig - so many cool people I met, so many cool things I did ... wow. Wonder what would have been if we'd both stayed on there...