Monday, May 18, 2009

Meetings, Twitter resume, and job postings, OH MY!

I've had great fun in the last week meeting with a variety of people and catching up. I've appreciated everyone's support and willingness. Today was one of the first days that I'd spent most of the day at home. After dropping the kids off at school and going to the gym, I headed home and parked it on the couch with my laptop and after about 5 minutes knew this wasn't going to be a good place. I found a spot at the dining room table and worked quietly for quite some time. Jim was at the kitchen table about 15 feet away, so when we had a conversation going it was like we were co-workers talking over the cubicle walls. We had a fun 10 minutes writing my 140-character resume for a Twitter post. I'm now thinking that I should post my resume on the blog and tweet bits and pieces of it every day--and link to the full doc. Hmm, perhaps that's one of tomorrow's mini projects.

Anyway, I found a number of job postings that appeared to be good fits and after some company research, I submitted my CV and sat back with some satisfaction. Less than an hour after updating my info on HotJobs, I got a phone call and I was like "Man, that was fast." Yeah, not so was Farmers Insurance and they wanted to schedule an interview for next week with the Bellevue office to discuss agency ownership. Say wha? Okay, I worked at GE Capital in corporate marketing and yes, that was the financial services industry, but where in my credentials does it indicate that I've EVER sold insurance? Um, hey, you, guy that makes these phone calls like this one every single day, I got a flash for ya...I don't know the first thing about selling insurance.

I said thank you, but that I had no interest or experience in selling insurance and before I knew it, I was talking to air--HE HUNG UP ON ME. Nice. Hey, Farmers Insurance...not only will I never work for you, but I won't buy your insurance either.

I expect tomorrow to be a good day. I have a phone screen at 11am, and I'm meeting a couple of high school buddies for lunch, and then off to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday with his class. I expect the rest of the week to be equally as full and fulfilling--more catching up with people, hopefully, another phone screen, and more family stuff.

Oh, have to share this. I happened to see a tweet today about how to repurpose your business card for good: It's intended for people who have been laid off and how they've turned their situations into something positive. I didn't think anything of it until the very same information showed up later in a MediaWeek article I was reading. So, I had some fun. I tracked down a business card, wrote a note, and grabbed the camera and posted away. I'm the very first ex-Microsoft person to have posted a card. Plus, I have like 5 stars for the ranking! Yeah, me. The other cards are brilliant.

I hope you all have a great week. I can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend already... More later.

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