Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Memories

I was reading a blog this week that struck a chord with me--it was "On Christmas Wishes" by chookooloonks. Like chookoolonks, it's that typical time of year that I trip down memory lane. As is tradition in my home, whether the fam likes it or not, I blare John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together and decorate the house and tree. I've done this since I was a kid after my godmother gave me the LP--I've sinced replaced it with a CD--and continue to torture and amuse my husband and kids with it and my rendition of Animal screaming ", run, reindeer!" One moment, I'm singing like a goof ball and they're looking at me like I'm nuts and the next, reduced to tears with John Denver telling the story of Alfie and how "Silent Night" came to be and they're rushing to console. Geez, I love my kids...the little buggers.

House and tree decorated, I set down to pull together my Christmas card list and enlist my kids to stuff, label, lick, and stamp all the cards. The list has grown more than it's shrunk and for that I'm thankful and grateful.

For those who shrank the list, perhaps one day our paths will cross again in this life or in another. If in this life, I hope for some that we pick up right where we left off, but I know it won't always be the case.

Looking through the list, there's family, I see people that I've never met, some that I met once, some that I knew well years ago, but haven't seen in forever, and those that I see or talk with regularly. I'm so blessed to have crossed paths with all of these people in some fashion.

From my family to yours, here's hoping this season keeps you rich with happiness, good health, and friends and family.

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