Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I'm a connector..."

Last night, I met up with a few fabulous people that I've become acquainted with in the last month and we attended the Seattle Job Social--a well attended networking event at Twist Restaurant in Belltown. A number of companies were present, but what we didn't realize until part way through the evening is that those companies were focused on hiring for technical roles. Oh, well, live and learn--we had a good time getting to know one another and figuring how who knew who and how we could help each other make connections, as well as making connections with others.

Part way through the evening, one of the fabulous ladies that I'd met through another connection called me a "connector." I laughed and said "Just call me Jill [Zarin], 'I'm a connector'!" Thankfully, like me, she's a fan of the Real Housewives of New York City and knew exactly who I was talking about. In a season 1 episode Jill connected Alex (another NYC "real housewife") with a friend who owns a private school in Manhattan where Alex was interested in enrolling her children. Not unlike Jill, I have a number great (and gracious) contacts in a few key companies that are more than willing to help out a friend of a friend--see success story #3 in my last post "Pay Attention". It's thrilling for me to see my colleagues find success and it's rewarding to know that I may have been able to contribute to a little bit of that success. GO TEAM!

I came away from the evening with a few new contacts and stronger relationships with a great group of people. Next event that we'll conquer is the Social Media Club of Seattle on Tuesday, June 30 at Pyramid Ale House. Come on and join the fun! I'll be there looking to talk with you and figuring out how we can work together.

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